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First Steps Pre-School and Development Center is a preschool in Orlando, FL. Preschool education is an important part of your child’s development process. Research has shown that attending preschool greatly improves your child’s academic performance moving forward. Our exceptional early learning center is clean, caring, and full of quality caregivers and teachers. Your child will be consistently engaged in fun activities designed to spark their curiosity and encourage their self-confidence.

Nursery school is for children as young as 2 ½ and up until they are ready for kindergarten. It is a unique period in a child’s life. They are developing individual personalities, adapting to their environment, and practicing essential social behaviors. Our Pre K School focuses on encouraging development through learning activities. These methods have been proven effective at challenging young learners, while also teaching them the joys of learning.

The best thing we can teach your child is to truly love learning. Learning is a lifelong process. During early development, a child’s mind is more amenable to tactile learning, or learning by doing. This means the traditional methods of lecturing in front of a classroom are not as effective. Any preschool teacher will tell you the same. The best way for children to learn is through fun and games. We are always looking for innovative ways to keep kids interested.

Of course, your child will learn plenty of academic concepts, including language, grammar, spelling, counting, practical skills, and more. Perhaps the most important benefits your child gains come from socializing with their peers and caregivers. We promote positive behaviors that will assist them for a lifetime. You will not find a better child care facility anywhere else! Ask how our preschool can benefit your child today!

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